KovoSchmidt system vs. under pew heating systems and conventional heated church cushions

  • Conventional pew heating systems (picture 1) have the heating element mounted under the seat. The heat generated from such systems is not able to easily get through the insulated seating panel on the pew. It requires several hours for any heat to be felt, and is not efficient or economical.
  • The  Kovoschmidt pew heating system (picture 2) solves this problem by mounting the heating element on the top of the bench in a way that is still comfortable, soft, aesthetic and safe. Using this technology results in quick and cost effective heating while:
  • Our system is completely safe as it has built-in protections so even if the seat is damaged by a sharp object such as a knife, or water is spilt on the seats, it remains completely safe.
  • In conventional heated pew cushions the thermal distribution is not even while ours provides constant temperature over the whole surface. 
  • Our system can be used anywhere - in places such as behind the altar, pulpit, under carpet, heated seat for the organ, mobile seats etc.. 
  • The heating element and supplementary layers are made of mouldable materials which ensure higher comfort when sitting. 
  • The elegant upholstery with its integral heating system is firmly fixed to the pew, therefore slippage cannot occur and the cushions stay in place (even the mobile seats for children).
  • Professional cable management is provided - the aesthetic and invisible cable fitting of pew heating requires skills and experience to ensure there are no loose or untidy cables. 
  • The pews are thermally insulated from the heat to protect the wood from severe damage such as breaks or surface blackening and also ensures unidirectional heat dispersion which results in better energy utilization.
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(1) Other pew heating systems
(2) KovoSchmidt pew heating system
(2) KovoSchmidt pew heating system